Dogiie interactive cat toy

Dogiie interactive cat toy - Dogiie

Dogiie interactive cat toy

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 😻😻 Interactive Cat Toy 

Our interactive toy could inspire cat's hunting instinct. Random and unpredictable movements releases your kitty's chasing nature. The self-rotating feature can imitate small animals, and the flashing led lights attracts your cat’s attention. With this toy your kitty will not easily get bored and it provides great exercise to them, avoid of obesity. Pets will no longer feel lonely. You will enjoy watching your cat having so much fun! 

♥♥ Safe & Durable Material 

Our interactive cat toys are made of environmental ABS materials and it is scratch-resistant and bite-resistant. You can rest assured, even your cat's hunting instincts is triggered to bite the toy. Colorful flashing is more attractive than other kitten cat toys

🐾🐾 Interactive Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Our toy can be turned on with simple touch of your cat's paw and it keeps moving for 3 minutes . When it hits an obstacle such as a wall, chair, door, etc., it changes its direction automatically. It runs smooth on any kind of floor, and transfer between carpet and hard floor smoothly. And the automatic cat toys comes with low noise, which will not threaten cats, neither disturb family.

✅✅ USB Charging Cat Feather Toys 

Cat toys for indoor cats built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery and comes with common USB port. Fully charged in 2 hours and provides up to 8 hours of play time for cats. It switches itself off automatically every 3 minutes and lets your cat take a break after playing and keep the fresh feeling of joy. Perfect for people who don’t have time to look after their kitty carefully.

🎁🎁 Best Gift For Cats

Indoor cats get bored without toys, get lazy, lack exercise and get obesity, they may be in a bad mood without toys, damage your furniture just for fun. So need this great interactive electric cat toy make your cats active, avoid those common problems happen to lots of cats.


Material: ABS/PVC
Battery capacity:1000mA/DCSV
Product specification:60*80mm
Size: 48mm
Package comes with: Ball/Bag/USB


Long press the switch to start, tap the magic ball to start rolling
After charging, press and hold the switch to start the toy!!!