Dogiie 2 in 1 Multifunctional Pet Bed

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Carefully engineered to help replicate the natural sleep environment of your pet. Suitable for both cats and dogs alike.

Size: M


Color: Orange

Size Chart:

Inner diameter (cm) Outer diameter (cm) Height (cm)
M 35*35 45*45 16
L 40*45 50*55 18-20
XL 50*50 65*65 18-20
XXL 70*70 85*85 18-20

Why Choose Our Calming Dog Beds?

Learn why we believe our Dogiie 2 in 1 Dog Beds are the best in the business. Our focus on quality means we aim to deliver the ultimate in comfort for your pup. After all, your pet deserves the best.

Use as a carrier bag.

You can use our bed as a carrier bag to take your favourite pet anywhere with the help of built in rope which transform bed to bag. You can carry it in your car or to the vet easily. Rope also can act as a chew toy.


Keep Fresher For Longer.

Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, our bed has been designed with removable outer covers so you don't need to wash the whole bed every time.

Easily remove the cover of your bed and wash it on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, tumble dry on low, or simply air dry.

This feature helps your pet's bed last longer, dry more quickly, and ensure optimal hygiene is maintained.

Enhanced Stability.

Our Dog Beds have a water-resistant and low-slip base to help your bed stand the test of time. Our beds include a rubber beaded bottom base which helps it sit stable and avoid sliding around on hard floors.

Raised Edges for Superior Comfort.

Raised edges aim to intensify the feeling of comfort and reduce stress. Our Calming Dog Beds have been selected based on their raised edges to help your pet feel a sense of security (similar to sleeping against their mother or siblings in the litter).

Generous Support.

Filled with supportive material, and made of luxurious and durable faux fur, your furry friend will feel like it's surrounded by love & warmth to support a quiet and comfortable sleep. Unlike other cheaper alternatives, we've designed and provided extra supportive padding for complete comfort and value.

Better For You + The Planet.

Our soft inner padding is composed of eco-friendly recycled material. This means you can be confident your pet bed is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Recycled polyester is also stronger and more versatile than regular cotton. This means the inners of your pet bed can be more resilient and dry quicker than regular cotton filling.

Our 14 Day Satisfaction Promise.

We're so confident your fur baby will love its calming pet bed that we'll exchange or refund your purchase if you're not satisfied within 14 days. That's our promise

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