Dogiie Rubber Teeth Cleaning Toy

Dogiie Rubber Teeth Cleaning Toy - Dogiie

Dogiie Rubber Teeth Cleaning Toy

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[Perfect guarantee for dog health]-We care about the health and safety of dogs. The indestructible dog bite toy is made of 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free natural rubber. Our dog chew toys will not only harm your dog, but also clean the teeth, reduce anxiety, training, and also reduce the problem of pet boredom and barking. Let's use the LHK dog chew toy to play with the cute dog.

[Unique design, better cleaning effect]-The shape of the bone dog bite toy definitely attracts the dog's interest. 5 gears that can rotate 360 degrees. The 3D particles on the surface can well remove the dirt and stones on the dog's teeth, keep the dog's teeth clean and prevent other gum diseases, and help prevent dogs and dogs from developing bad breath due to poor oral hygiene. Periodontal disease.

[The most radical chewing device approved]——This tough and indestructible dog bite toy has been tested and approved by many radical chewing devices such as German Shepherds, Bulldogs, American Foxes, Mastiffs, Alaska, etc. Suitable for all breeds of small, medium and large dogs.

[Seductive mint flavor]-This dog teething cleaning toy contains a delicious mint flavor that dogs will love. Filling with butter or peanut butter and freezing will increase people's interest. For the hygiene of your pets, we sincerely recommend that you clean and replace them regularly, and these toys are also easy to clean. Just rinse with tap water

Product information:

Product Category: Biting Toys
Material: Rubber

Molar tooth cleaning stick small (4*11.5CM)
Molar tooth cleaning stick large (5*15CM)

Package Content:

1*rubber ball