Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Protector

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Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Protector

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Say goodbye to scratched furniture!

It is impossible to train cats, not to scratch!  It's their nature so they keep doing that.

The solution?

Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Protector

It will definitely suit cat lovers, and leaves you with a 100% scratch-proof furniture!  that leaves both the cat AND the owner happy.

Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Protector is ULTRA-DURABLE SCRATCH & TEAR RESISTANT Protects almost anything from kitty's sharp claws! AND you can use it in your car seat using the leather version one too!

It is very convenient and practical. It is perfectly integrated with the sofa with transparent color. Easy to install and disassemble. Do not let your precious furniture continue to be destroyed by your cat! 
Product Benefits
Heavy-Duty: Adhesive will adhere strongly to most surfaces such as suede, leather, stained wood, without degrading or drying out. (Important: test out a short strip of the tape to a small corner of the furniture to verify the adhesive's compatibility.)

Invisible Protection: Our Anti-Scratch Sofa Protector provides a clever and fairly inconspicuous way to protect your furniture from pets’ scratching without sacrificing its original aesthetic.

Versatile: Adhere strongly to most surfaces such as suede, leather, stained wood, fabric couch, and varnished doors. Easily peel off without fear of any messy residues or damaging the furniture pieces.

Non-Toxic 100% Pet Safe: Your pet’s safety should be the top priority while training them. Ant Cat Scratch Sofa Protector is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and will not irritate your pets.


  • Name: Furniture scratch guards
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: Transparent


  • S: 15*30cm (Thick:0.1MM)
  • M: 14*39cm(Thick:0.1MM)
  • L: 14*48cm(Thick:0.1MM)
  • L1: 20*45cm(Thick:0.1MM)
  • L2: 30*40cm(Thick:0.1MM)
  • L3: 30*45cm(Thick:0.1MM)
  • XL: 15*100cm(Thick:0.2MM)
  • XXL: 30*100cm(Thick:0.2MM)


  • 1 Pcs / 4 Pcs x Furniture Anti Cat Scratch Film Tape Protector.
  • 10 Pcs x Twist Pin.